Northrup (aka Serbin Switch or New Serbin)

San Antonio & Aransas Pass Depot in New Serbin About 1905
The San Antonio & Aransas Pass Depot in New Serbin circa 1905
Image from the Archives of the Texas Wendish Heritage Society

When the first groups of Wends arrived in Texas in the middle of the nineteenth century, the state’s railroad infrastructure was quite undeveloped compared to many states further to the east. In fact, there was only a single railroad in the entire state, and it ran from Harrisburg (modern-day Houston) to Stafford (just east of modern-day Sugar Land). As Reconstruction came to an end, though, that all began to change.

Around 1890, the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway began laying tracks through Lee County. The railroad bypassed Serbin and established a station a few miles to the southeast of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at the very edge of the Delaplain League.

This community was originally called New Serbin or Serbin Switch, but a few years later when a post office was established, it took the name of Robert Henry Northrup of Giddings, who worked for the railroad.

Business owners from Serbin were encouraged to relocate to the new community by the tracks, and some did so. However, during the twentieth century, both communities declined. Today there isn’t even a sign marking the location of the original Serbin, and only a few buildings remain in Northrup.

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